Potomac Dog Cat Pet Teeth Cleaning

Potomac dog / cat teeth cleaning is a medical procedure that ensures your pet’s happiness and well-being by helping them maintain a healthy mouth. Many clients ask if the service is painful for the pet, but our answer may surprise you: we have the best reviews for least uncomfortable animal dentistry in MD! Can your canine service company make the same claim? Probably not, because Ann’s Quality Grooming And Boarding only hires the best specialists who know animals inside and out.

It’s no wonder that some clients shop around at other tooth cleaning companies, only to come back for more of our top-notch canine care. We start our five-star Potomac dog / cat tooth cleaning services by gently removing visible debris from your pet’s mouth with hand tools. After this preliminary brushing, we suck out extra water with special suction tools, leaving their teeth feeling fresher. Lastly, we grab the Calvetron – an ultrasonic tool designed specifically for cats and dogs – to kill germs and viruses inside the gums, and to gently polish the tooth enamel on the outside.

Here’s something that other Potomac dog / cat teeth cleaning service companies probably can’t brag about: we have pet friendly, beef flavored toothpaste! Like children’s toothpaste, it’s OK to swallow it. At the end of Ann’s dental procedure, the pet dentist will come out and have your canine show off their new, clean teeth! If you’re near Potomac MD, you won’t find quality pet teeth cleaning like Ann’s any place else. Give us a call today, and experience your new favorite, state-of-the-art animal dentistry company at its finest!

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