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Pet dentistry is a medical science: every six months, Rockville dog and cat teeth cleaning must be performed. Rockville, MD is home to approximately 21,000 pets. Hundreds of people in the area trust Ann’s Quality Grooming And Boarding company’s expertise, because we treat your canine like a special guest, every time you bring them over! Just like a human dentist in Rockville MD, your dog or cat ought to leave our place with fresh breath that reflects upon your pet’s better dental health. Unfortunately, many other tooth brushing services have been disappointing our current clients. Lucky for us, these clients like us so much that they visit us every six months for regular dental services for their pets!

If you stop brushing your teeth, they will decay; cavities are no fun, for people and pets alike. That’s why a Rockville dog / cat teeth cleaning company is so valuable to have around. Just as you’d hate a careless dentist, your pet would hate mediocre brushing. That’s why our staff has made a commitment to make clients’ pets feel relaxed and secure at all times. We provide state-of-the-art tooth cleaning, one by one, until your pet’s whole mouth is brushed. Our canine specialists use extra care using their animal tooth guards to ensure their comfort. If your pet categorically hates oral treatments, they might come to love our gentle dentist hands! Ask your friends near Rockville who have pets, and they’ll all tell you that a good cat or dog dentist is a keeper. Call Ann’s Quality Grooming And Boarding company today and experience convenient, painless dental brushing services for cats and dogs, just a short drive away from Rockville MD!

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