Teeth Cleaning

Dogs and Cats Need Their Teeth Cleaned, Too!

It is important for dogs and cats to get a professional teeth cleaning every six months. Neglected teeth can cause bad breath, gum disease, and eventual loss of teeth. Like humans, if you do not maintain an animal's teeth, they will decay and eventually fall out.

Once that happens, the animal is forced to eat only soft food, will be in some pain, and will not have as high a quality of life. When it comes to an animal's oral health, we always say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Cats need their teeth cleaned too! At Ann's Quality Grooming & Boarding, we use a special animal tooth guard which keeps a cat's mouth open while we clean and polish the teeth.

Our approach, our confidence in conducting the procedure, and the way we handle the animals makes them feel relaxed and secure.
We clean an animal's teeth with a calm, steady hand. The animals get the sense that we are doing something that is good for them, and some dogs and cats actually enjoy the cleaning they get at Ann's Quality Grooming & Boarding.




Our Process

What is the process like, and what tools do you use? First, we remove the plaque and debris from the animal's mouth with hand tools. Thoughout the procedure, we flush the animal's mouth out with water and remove the extra liquid with a suction tube.

Then, we use an ultrasonic Calvetron tool that cleans underneath the gum line and polishes the outer surface of the teeth. We brush the teeth with a toothbrush, and then flush the mouth out with water again. When we finish, the animal is ready to greet their owner with a new smile, sparkling teeth, and clean breath.

Do you use toothpaste? We use a special toothpaste formulated especially for dogs. Our dogs enjoy the beef flavored toothpaste the best!

Do the animals feel pain when you clean their teeth? Any dental procedure causes some irritation, but we take extra special care in polishing and cleaning the animal's teeth. We are very careful with our procedure and work to ensure that the dog or cat doesn't feel any pain.

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